Message from the President September 2009

MMX, Lower Dues, and the Top Ten

By Brian Pitman, September 2009

I write this edition of the President’s Report while thinking fondly of our convention this past year. In Des Moines we had a great hotel, we had great programs, we had a truly magnificent display room, and we had a great time. This year’s convention had to deal with a lot of diversity and adversity, and that made it even a little more special. This is also the first convention I can recall in which everyone truly seemed to be happy with the hotel. It was also the first convention I have attended in which banquet tables were assigned literally by the luck of the draw, and it made for some fascinating conversations. Banquet table “cliques” were a concern pointed out by a few in our convention survey last year, and our actions made for an exciting and enjoyable end to that criticism.

We will continue to change (and improve) the ICGA convention experience next year (ICGA Convention MMX) when we hold our convention July 14-17, 2010 in Louisville, Kentucky. Well, not officially “Kentucky” but actually right across the river from downtown Louisville in Clarksville, Indiana (and yes, I will be taking the Last Train to Clarksville if you meet me at the station.) Our hotel, the Holiday Inn Lakeview, is another
amazing Holidome with plenty of fun for all (including a great pool, sauna, and such), as well as free breakfasts, free internet and only about one minute from downtown Louisville (with all the historic nightlife it has to offer.) I know you will enjoy this hotel, especially at only $100 per night.

ICGA Convention MMX will feature a full program of great seminars, including another fantastic display room titled Peacocks. I know plenty of you bird lovers are reading this, so mark your calendars now. The best part of this convention, though, is the auction. It is my absolute pleasure to announce that our auction next year will be the collection of Ruth Phillips. Many of you have had the experience of having Ruth outbid you at an auction (and she always does it with a smile!) Now you will have the last laugh by bidding on some great and very rare glass while she has to SIT ON HER HANDS!!!! I had the extreme pleasure of spending a lot of time with Ruth in Des Moines, and I know she is excited, not only to bring her collection to ICGA, but also to bring ICGA back to the south, somewhere we haven’t been in a long time. The auction is going to be a “don’t miss” event.

Now one of the things we have done for the past year with ICGA is offer our Carnival Pump as an electronic newsletter. We have about 100 people who currently receive the Pump electronically (and they get it about 2-3 weeks before the rest of you). It features some nice extras, such as the photos are all in color, online video and more. In Des Moines, we talked about it during the general business meeting, and we talked about our dues. Subsequent to that conversation, the Board of Directors made the following change: we now have two membership plans. The first, called the Electronic Membership, gives the member everything that all members receive, except that the Pump is delivered electronically. The dues rate for this membership is $15 (which is a discount of $10 per year), and is available to everyone. The other membership plan is called the Premium Membership and is exactly the same as the Electronic Membership except that the Pump is printed and delivered in the mail as normal. Those inside the United States can be Premium members for $25, and those outside the United States can be Premium members at $30.

If you wish to switch to the Electronic Membership plan (and save $10 per year), simply email either me (, Carl Booker ( or Barb Chamberlain ( and let us know. We will get you set up, and when your renewals are due in July, you will only have to pay $15.

To find out what you are missing right now, you should check out our Member Site at E-mail me for the login information, and you will see what Electronic Members have been enjoying for the past year.

A big “thank you” is due Bud Martin and Janet Tate for serving on the Board of Directors. Their input was always greatly appreciated, and we hope that they will continue to support ICGA with their membership and attendance at conventions. It will not be easy to fill their shoes, but we know that Mitchell Stewart and Dave Drabing will give it their best.

Okay, the final thing in my report this time is what I call the Top Ten. We are changing the way we do the Pump a little in that Carl Booker and I will be assigning some people to do articles for us (which people have graciously accepted.) The first example of this will be in our next issue of the Pump in December. The “Top Ten” issue is going to feature a wide variety of lists for you to examine, to copy or clip, and to have with you at all times while hunting for glass. I know you are going to like it.

Brian Pitman