Message from the President March 2017

Convention Time Brings a Huge Auction

This issue of The Pump gears up our efforts for the 2017 Convention, which will be held this year on July 12–15 with a return to the Crowne Plaza we have used many times in the past couple of decades. That hotel has seen many big auctions and carnival glass events since we began using it in the mid-90s, but possibly none so big as the auction we will have this year at our convention in the first of three auctions of the Carlton Tarkington collection. Carlton, a beloved member who passed away in early 2015, had amassed an amazing collection of rare and beautiful carnival glass with his wife Jane over the years. A staple at ICGA conventions and auctions, he was always fun to watch as his cool-headed bidding style unnerved many a competitor, as well as leading to some huge memories in recent years (Rose Tree bowls, anyone?).

I remembered Carlton back in our March 2015 issue of the Pump, but I had no idea that only two years later, ICGA and Seeck Auctions would be offering up the first of his collection for sale. In a year full of enormous auctions, this one looks to be the biggest of them all. Come for the fun and excitement, come for the glass, and at the very least, come for the entertainment of the auction. It is one that won’t likely be forgotten anytime soon. Here are some of the highlights from this auction:

• Blackberry Block tankard water pitcher in yellow – only one known, fantastic piece of Carnival Glass!
• Grape & Cable small size punch sets in ice green, ice blue, and white
• Peacock at Urn master IC bowl in aqua opal, a pastel one!
• Poppy Show bowl in aqua opal
• Pulled Husk corn vase in purple, has super iridescence
• Millersburg Multi Fruits and Flowers tulip top punch sets in green and amethyst
• Good Luck plates in ice blue, ice green, white, and many more
• Lattice & Poinsettia bowls in aqua opal, white, horehound, and ice blue
• Rose Tree IC shaped bowls in blue and marigold, yes—they are gorgeous!
• Pacific Coast Mail Order House/Grape & Cable fruit bowls in blue and marigold

Now of course, we have a bunch of other great offerings during the convention. This con-vention will feature our Display Room comprised of Carnival Mugs and Loving Cups. Roger Dunham (mug collector extraordinaire) is putting together the display, so check out his Vice-President’s message for information so we may have the best Display Room possible. Roger will also be speaking on these mugs and loving cups during the convention.

Roger Macauley is presenting at the convention as well. Roger and his wife Roberta have collected for many years and been involved in multiple clubs, especially Lincoln Land. His presentation will offer some carnival glass not seen in many years, as well as some stories that will bring smiles and fun. Cale Wilcox, a noted collector from Dallas, is our featured banquet speaker. Cale’s collection is fantastic and he is bringing together a presentation and glass that needs sunglasses to view without damaging your eyes, and his presentation style is fun, entertaining and very informative. You will love these two presentations.

So, what are the details you need to know to register for the convention?

Our hotel is the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel, 11228 Lone Eagle Dr., St. Louis, Missouri. Reservations can be made (mention ICGA or carnival glass) by calling (314) 291-6700. Our room rate is $119 per night, which includes complimentary breakfast buffet for two, and free parking. As usual, the hotel will do their best to contain us on two floors, and if you have any problems making a reservation, call me at (785) 554-5979 or email me at and I will whip them into shape. This issue of The Pump also contains a registration form to send in with your registration.

July in St. Louis looks to be the center of the carnival glass universe. Will we see you there?