Message from the President June 2014

Let the Convention Fun Begin!

by Brian Pitman, June 2014

We are only a month from the 2014 ICGA Annual Convention and I am getting more excited. Last year I had to miss my first ICGA convention in nearly two decades because I had just started my company and was crossing China, giving presentations to hundreds of pharmacists and having a fantastic time….wishing I were in St. Louis at the convention. Don’t get me wrong: China is an amazing place and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was work and all my peeps (hint: YOU) were having a carnival time without me, making me jealous. Roger Dunham did a wonderful job running the convention, but I was watching Facebook with envy. I Skyped into a Board meeting so that they wouldn’t forget I was alive, but it just wasn’t the same.

This year, however, is different! I will be in St. Louis, meeting and greeting with everyone there (hint: YOU) and positively fondling some beautiful carnival glass. This year’s event has a lot of great components for you to enjoy. Our Display Room on The Other American Manufacturers has been put together masterfully by Carl and Eunice Booker and an army of volunteers. The presentations from it will offer stuff you probably do not know (an educational opportunity!) and some beautiful and not often-seen glass. Carl and Eunice, as well as Barb and Don Chamberlain and Lee Markley will give these presentations. You will like what you see, I promise!

Our banquet presentation features the glass and smooth musical stylings of Gary Heavin. Gary has quite the collection (and it is super safe from tornadoes, I am told) to share with us, and I am also told that it will not be twenty-five chicken bowls (although I would be oddly intrigued by that presentation). Gary has quite the stories to share, and he’s just a cool guy, so his banquet presentation will bring some levity and serious glass. And there may be a few surprises as well.
But then we need to talk about the auction as well.  The collection of Dick and Jennie Hostetler will be up for sale, which has me frothing with anticipation. Dick was a great friend (and a huge supporter of ICGA). and he had some amazing Millersburg glass (as it was his heritage) that always drew my attention. I need a piece in my collection to represent such a wonderful couple, and this auction is going to provide me that opportunity. I can’t wait!

So make sure to register with the form included in this issue of The Pump and get your hotel reservations taken care of right away (as we will likely be close to selling out once you get this). If I can NOT travel halfway around the world to China, so I can attend this convention, then you can travel to St. Louis to come see all of us!

Have a great June and we will see you next month!