Message from the President June 2013

Feeling the St. Louis Blues…

By Brian Pitman, June 2013

For those in the northern hemisphere, winter has finally released its grip and summer is upon us (I think). Here in Kansas, we literally had snow in May (not a usual thing) and had one day in which it was in the upper 80s and yet it snowed the very next day (actually a usual thing for our oddly climated state). That said, we will be having the ICGA convention (snow or shine) July 17–20th at the Sheraton Westport Lakeside Chalet in St. Louis, and the program promises a bunch of carnival glass to buy and sell, education, fun and much, much more. I know you will want to join us for this one!
The auction features the glass of Don and Doreen Ashbridge of Canada (eh!), who are known for collecting beautiful glass, especially Imperial vases. These guys have a Ripple collection that is legendary on both sides of the border, in addition to several other top quality pieces from the primary carnival manufacturers. Jim and Jan Seeck have chosen a great collection to sell at the convention.
The theme for our display room this year is built on the auction glass. “Imperial Vases” is the theme, and Kevin and April Clark, assisted by Joan Doty and the Chamberlains, will put together a fine display (with all of your generous help) to emphasize the best and diverse aspects of what Imperial offered in vases.  Kevin will also be giving a seminar on the finer points and examples. You may remember the brilliant Northwood Vases seminar Kevin did in Iowa a few years back during our Iowa “Flash Mob” conven-tion. Look for the message in this issue of The Pump with details on how to include your excellent Imperial vases in the display room and be prepared to enjoy another fantastic display room at an ICGA convention!
Our Banquet Seminar this year features the glass and stories of Tom and Ann Bumpass of Texas. This is the glass that will be sold at HOACGA next year, so you will have an opportunity for an early look at some of the items that will be sold in 2014. Better yet, however, is the chance to enjoy Tom’s southern humor as he shares some of the memories from his and Ann’s years of hunting and collecting some amazing glass.
The convention also features several other attractions, including a game show (which have gotten pretty wild during past conventions), the return of our successful Mega-Silent Auctions (see the article in this issue from Fred Stone about having the opportunity to buy and sell glass in this super cool format), our Ice Cream Social, the Hospitality Room and more. If you have attended an ICGA Convention in recent years, you know we like to keep you fed, laughing and happy with lots of glass and friends.
The host hotel is really cool, located in a nice area that features lots of restaurants, local entertainment and shopping all just outside the doors of the hotel. It also has a lovely lake area to enjoy sunsets and much more. Make sure you get your reservations in very soon, though, because our cutoff date is swiftly approaching (June 24)! The registration form for the convention is included in this issue of The Pump, so be sure to register in advance so that we know you are coming!
I truly hope this summer is a time of fun and carnival finds, and I also hope to find you attending our convention. Our ICGA crew has been working diligently to make it the best convention for you.  Meet you in St. Louis!