Message from the President June 2007

Make A Connection In Indianapolis

By Brian Pitman, June 2007

The time for the annual ICGA convention has come around, and I want to share some of the details for you so that you can make your reservations and plans to attend. Our convention theme this year is “Make A Connection.” There has been a lot of thought put into this theme, and I want to explain what it means.

I have written many times about the large number of carnival glass collectors out there who don’t join an association and miss out on the friendship, bonding, and education from the experience. One of the things ICGA provides for our members is a connection to other members, with our annual convention being the prime execution of that benefit. Attending an ICGA convention is like a very large reunion, with friends whom you haven’t seen in person for awhile. On top of that, you get the very real and tactile bonus of holding and examining carnival glass with people who can share more information.

Our seminars this year are built around making a connection with the people and the glass. We are very pleased to have Dorothy and Emmett Morgan of Brenham, Texas, as our banquet speakers. Dorothy is a judge in Texas, while Emmett is an enterprising businessman. They will be showing off some of their collection during their banquet seminar, each with a story that highlights the fact that many diverse people attend conventions, and some unique friendships come from that environment. A collecting hobby that extends beyond background, financial “status,” and various professions is a hobby that brings the world together. Their seminar will explore some of their own friendships and how they may not have been possible had they not collected carnival glass.

Aaron Hurst will also be presenting at the convention this year, and we are truly thankful to have the opportunity to see his glass and hear some stories. Aaron is Old Order Mennonite and lives very near the east-Pennsylvania community that saw tremendous tragedy last year with the school shootings. He will speak on making a connection across different social backgrounds and even different societies. He has some amazing glass, and his knowledge of carnival glass from a different social perspective will be very enlightening.

Jim Seeck is our auctioneer again this year, and he will also be exploring the business side of carnival glass. Many people don’t realize it, but there is a business connection that needs to be made in the hobby these days, as more and more who swore they would never sell their collection are starting to explore the possibilities, while many of today’s newer collectors are a new hybrid of collector and dealer, with a respect and love for the glass, but also an appreciation for the value and investment side of the hobby. Jim will answer all of our questions about buying and selling, auctions and more, and he will shoot straight and give you honest and open answers. We will also look at some ways people have made a career out of buying and selling carnival glass. Are you considering selling your collection? If so, this seminar is a Can’t Miss!

Jim will be selling the collections of Bart Dooley (one of ICGA’s brightest stars and best friends in its 40+ year history), as well as of Mickey Lee of California. This auction continues a very nice string of awesome glass, so come with your checkbooks ready to buy, buy, buy!

And of course, we couldn’t have a convention without some of our special magic and surprises throughout. We are going to have a show and tell for children during our ice cream social, so make sure you bring the kids (or grandkids) with some of their pieces and their stories!

So, grab your phone and make your reservations now. Call 317-244-3361 for Reservations (tell them you are with ICGA and the carnival glass group) to get our $99 rate. You MUST make your reservations by June 17th to be guaranteed the rate (so do it now, as we really want to see you there!)

Make a connection with your fellow collectors, and spend the rest of your life enjoying these friends!!!

Brian Pitman