Message from the President December 2011

Springing Forward in Springfield / Pump It Up

By Brian Pitman, December 2011

December is finally here, can you believe it? This has been a great year for ICGA. We have continued to put out an amazing Carnival Pump quarterly (in a time when other clubs are talking about consolidating their newsletters together into a magazine with each club getting a few pages). Our convention drew a very nice crowd for a great collection and had some of our best educational seminars yet. Our website has more education on it, plus has made registering for conventions and renewing your dues super fast and easy. And frankly, I think our members are just getting more and more beautiful each year (yes, ladies, that one is directed at you!).

In 2012, we are going to turn up the volume even more. Our convention features a huge amount of everything: a huge collection at auction (Bob and Geneva Leonard’s), four huge seminars, a huge display room, and our return to the state of Illinois for the first time in forever. Registration is open for the convention now (you will find the registration form in this edition of the Carnival Pump, or you can register quickly online on our website at

The biggest change to this convention is our new Mega-Silent Auction. As I mentioned last time, you have the opportunity to put some glass in our silent auction. We will have three separate silent auctions (one on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and one on Friday). If you are interested, please contact me right away, as space is limited and we want to be able to offer a great, diverse selection of glass. My phone and email are on the back page of this Carnival Pump.

The Carnival Pump is going to see some changes in the next year as well. Simply put, we are going to make it even better (pretty tall order for the best carnival glass newsletter in the world). Watch for changes, more articles, more information and more surprises. You didn’t know Carl Booker could get even better, but Carl is just getting started!

The year 2012 is certainly going to be super, possibly one of the best in a long time for ICGA. We thank you for your membership as always and hope you are ready for another great year. We hope you enjoy the Carnival Pump, the website, and the convention. We also want to hear your feedback. Contact either me or any of the Board of Directors to let us know how we are doing and what you would like to see in the Carnival Pump or at the convention.

I hope this message finds you warm with the glow of Christmas, friends, and family. Enjoy the holidays and get ready for some fun and excitement in the New Year.