Message from the President December 2007

2007 Is Over . . . Finally!

By Brian Pitman, December 2007

We have come to the end of another year, and the promise of a better new year rings especially true this year. I won’t mince words: 2007 was just a bad year, at least for me. Too many personal losses in one year was just the beginning. On top of that, work was extra crazy this year (why can’t I be rich and not have to work? Why does Paris Hilton have that over me??)

The year in carnival glass, though, was pretty darn good. Lots of auctions, lots of conventions, lots of glass for sale on eBay: everything ran according to schedule this year. But even so, maybe there seemed to be a sense of change. Bill Richard Sr. sold his last auction (and boy will he be missed.) Harold (George) Cox wasn’t at the ICGA convention this year to keep me honest because he was too busy having lunch with Arlene and Jesus. The Pacific Northwest convention lost, and then found, its auction. For awhile there, they were planning on having a convention without an auction (and honestly, part of me was hoping that it would be wildly successful!) Fenton announced they were closing forever, but (as of my writing this article) they are still around, with rumors that they may just pull it out.

On top of that, the potential threat of China getting their hands on the original molds in the Fenton inventory scared the heck out of a lot of people (including me.) Nightmares of vintage-appearing carnival glass filling the shelves of your neighborhood Wal-Mart kept many people awake, wondering if they were truly in all of this for the altruism and appreciation of artistry, or if the elimination of value on their collections would be the death knell of collecting as we know it. Unfortunately, until the Fenton situation is worked out, that threat may remain.

But really, there are ways we can all help prevent that carnival apocalypse. Through chance (or luck, if you believe in luck), I found myself with the opportunity to purchase the Christmas Compote mold. I jumped, and now I can sleep at night knowing that I won’t see $30 purple Compotes in stocking stuffers across the world…

Anyway, I digress; 2007 was what it was. I personally didn’t enjoy the year very much, and I am very enthusiastic about kicking that old man out the door in the hopes that the baby that shows up will bring a FABULOUS year for all of us.

I can tell you that ICGA is doing a much better job financially. The 2007 convention didn’t have quite the attendance that I wanted, but we still made a little bit of money. The 2008 convention, however, looks to be phenomenal, with the amazing Rainbow display room and seven seminars from it. On top of that, we have a SUPER hotel for the event (found for us by Roger and Cathy Dunham), one which is family friendly and very close to lots of restaurants and shops for those who want to get out and enjoy the location.

We have a very active Board of Directors looking to make your ICGA experience the best, and your Officers are absolutely in it heart and soul. Not a day goes by when an Officer doesn’t think about ICGA and how to make it better. But more than all of this, we have you! Our membership is fantastic, and we treasure each and every one of you.

So as I sit here (at a Mickey Reichel auction writing this article) and consider 2007, I can say it provided many challenges I don’t want ever to face again. But I made it through this year because of the wonderful fellowship with people like you. And because of you, 2008 will be much, MUCH better!!!

Go ahead and make it better for you as well. Make your reservations for the 2008 ICGA convention in St. Louis. It really will be the best Christmas present (in July) that you can give yourself….

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Brian Pitman