Message from the President December 2006

The Great Carnival Storybook

By Brian Pitman, December 2006

This has been quite a year for carnival glass in general, and especially for ICGA. This was the “Year of the Big Auction,” and everyone seemed to make it through so many powerhouse opportunities to own great glass unscathed (albeit with less money in their pockets and big smiles on their faces). The sellers were happy with the results, and carnival glass raised its profile with such large returns.

ICGA also had a fantastic year from many perspectives. Financially we continue to be strong, and we are working on ways to increase the benefits to membership of our Association. The Pump is better than ever, with a touch of color to enhance our fantastic color inserts. Now, of course, is the time to try and make our Association even better, and we are going to start with a new feature for the Pump that involves you.

Starting with the first issue of the Pump next year, we will have a new section called the Great Carnival Storybook. This section of our newsletter will have pictures and stories submitted by you about a piece of glass, an entire collection, or a group of carnival glass that has something interesting you want to share. To submit is really simple: send a picture (either a print or an electronic version by email) to Carl Booker. His contact information is on the back cover of the Pump. Along with the picture, send in a story about the piece, how you got it, the crazy geezer you bought it from, whatever it is that you want to share.

I want to fill the Pump with these pictures and stories. At the end of the year, we will have our Carnival Storybook, to be kept and shared with others collecting. The point of this, of course, is to make a sort of a “time capsule” about the glass we collect and the people we are. This is something we will be able to share with others, a nice way to show people who we are, the members of the International Carnival Glass Association. This is also a way to continue to energize all of you, to get you “into” being a member of ICGA again.

I feel the need to give you the obligatory “you can do it” disclaimer. You see, Carl Booker is a fantastic editor (he even makes me sound pretty decent), and he can take your short articles and turn them into modern day masterpieces. Besides, isn’t this a wonderful way to share? I just KNOW you have glass you want to share, and stories you want to tell. This is your chance, and it is a chance that only you can make the most of, if you try. I want our March issue to be stuffed with intrigue, humor, character, and glass. I want it to be filled with your personality.

So where do we go from here? This is one idea for ICGA to increase the role of the members in the Association. What other ideas do you have? This is a club that is responsive to our members and wants to make things even better. At the end of the day, you are the best ambassadors for the club, and we want to hear your ideas on making things better.

I am going to leave you this time with a thank you for being a member of ICGA. Your membership is greatly appreciated. 2007 holds a great deal of surprises, good times, and good glass for all of us. Spending it with all of you just makes it that much better…

Brian Pitman